Wednesday, October 31, 2007

wind turbines in the gorge

the beginning of the end.
i first heard they were being built in the gorge by someone in town from holland who worked for a windmill company (no joke) and was there to help put them in.
my first thought wasn't 'great for the environment' it was 'great there goes the gorge'.
all we need is more development in a sacred place that i have loved since i was a child.
but i suppose, its better than nuclear, coal, and even water energy in terms of conservation....still i feel unsettled about it. then last night i read this article in the oregonian: *disclaimer: i hate the oregonian. they are a bias one sided waste of paper.

Oregon wind turbine farms threaten hawks, eagles
10/29/2007, 12:14 p.m. PDT
The Associated Press

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Wind energy may be emerging as an important alternative power source for the Northwest but there are concerns about the danger to hawks and eagles as turbines expand to wild areas of the Columbia River Gorge.
By year's end, more than 1,500 turbines will be churning out electricity in the windy gorge. Until now, most of the projects have gone up in wheat fields — cultivated land that long ago drove away the rodents that raptors hunt.
But as wind energy developers move into wilder areas along the ridge of the gorge, near canyons and shrub-covered rangeland, birds could be at risk from the 150-foot blades of giant turbines.

The shrub steppes and grasslands that cover large areas along the river east of the Cascades are classic raptor habitat, said David Anderson, a district biologist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.
"We have concerns we're losing that habitat," he said.
Even the cultivated areas with wind farms have bird experts worried. In Oregon's Sherman County, several hundred turbines stretch through wheat fields outside the small town of Wasco, creating one of the highest concentrations of wind farms in the gorge.
"They're going up so fast, we're worried about the cumulative effects," said Keith Kohl, a wildlife biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's mid-Columbia district.
If new studies confirm the fears of Oregon and Washington state wildlife biologists, the potential toll on raptors and other birds may limit expansion of clean wind energy.
Nationwide, wind turbines kill an average of 2.3 birds a year, studies show. In the Northwest, it's about 1.9 birds per turbine — possibly more than 3,000 bird deaths a year in the gorge.
But bird experts say those numbers are meaningless because the totals make no distinction between abundant and rare species.Golden eagles and ferruginous hawks — a threatened species in Washington — already are few in number, said Michael Denny of the Blue Mountain Audubon Society. Even a few fatalities could prove devastating, he said.
"We'll have certain species in sharp local decline," Denny said. "If you lose breeding populations like the ferruginous hawk, you're not going to see them recover."
Raptors generally fly 300 to 400 feet above the ground — about the height of most wind turbines. Hawks and eagles ride the thermals off the high windy ridges above the Columbia River as they search for ground squirrels and pocket gophers. Some are migratory and others are resident birds.

Raptors are known for their keen eyesight and might learn to negotiate the turbines and their spinning blades, studies suggest.
But hunting and migrating instincts are so ingrained and so intense that the birds might not see the obstacles until it's too late, biologists say.
As a preventive measure, energy companies conduct wildlife studies before designating a specific site for development. They submit their findings to state or county authorities, who decide whether projects will go forward.
In some cases, regulators have required developers to shift turbine locations, establish buffer zones or set aside acreage exclusively for wildlife.
Often, developers must patrol their wind farms and record bird kills.
"We pride ourselves on building projects that adhere to the requirements," said Darin Huseby, Northwest regional director for developer enXco Inc., a California-based company with several projects in Klickitat County, Wash. "We want to be a net benefit to the environment."

....the face of the future always carries change. nothing ever stays the same. and its sad how even the most sacred of places are not immune.


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Trick or treat! Please take one. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! One piece only, please.

The candy is for everyone. We ask that you take only one piece so that others may enjoy it as well. (Also, please do not take the bowl. Last year's was a wedding gift. We would greatly appreciate its return; no questions asked.)

Please DON'T take just one. DON'T have a happy Halloween.

Clearly, you're not falling for reverse psychology. Let's try negative reinforcement. Enjoy the Brussels sprouts!

Last year was a fun little reminder of the trick half of "trick or treat." True, I sort of expected to find my house covered in toilet paper, but just because I'm old-fashioned doesn't mean I can't take a joke. (I'm still impressed that someone could write so legibly in shaving cream and—correct me if I'm wrong—excrement.) I surrender, you rascals! Take your chocolate plunder* (ha, ha)!
* One piece per person.

For the record, slashing a man's tires is not a "trick." It's a "felony." Nevertheless, I won't let a mere $600 ruin my holiday spirit. Check out the devil horns on my new Rottweiler, Cerberus—he's devilishly cute! Help yourself to some candy—just know that Cerberus seems to think it's all for him, and he tends to be protective. He's also a bit twitchy from the handful of amphetamines I gave him. Bon app├ętit!

Here is the candy, per your demands. Please return Cerberus. It's been a year and we miss him.
Very funny, making my dog a full-fledged meth addict before sending him home. I get the irony. Have as much candy as you can eat. You'd be amazed at how cheap razorblades are these days.

Here we are again. You're right; I was bluffing last year with the razorblades. Take the candy. I can't stop you. In fact, I hope you enjoy it, I really do. Because it will be the last sweet sensation in your sorry excuse for a life. You've soiled my doorstep, corrupted my dog, ruined four perfectly good tires, and stolen a central piece of my tableware. I've spent the last three months watching Apocalypse Now, and as far as you're concerned I'm Colonel fucking Kurtz. Can you hear that? In the trees? That's me. Turn around and say hi, but make it good, because they'll be your last fucking words, cocksucker.

Howdy! I want to say that moving to a new neighborhood can be really scary, but everybody has been so terrific, especially in looking past all the ugly rumors that seem to have followed me here. (You know how these "lawyers" can get ...) Anyway, here's a little treat to say thanks! Happy Halloween! (Please take one.)


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Monday, October 29, 2007

as if i needed another reason.

Woman's Legs Nearly Severed In Collision

PORTLAND - A suspected drunk driver is due in court Monday after slamming into a line of parked cars.
Timothy Sauer, 25, is charged with assault, driving under the influence and reckless driving after he crashed into the cars, crushing the legs of 47-year-old Yvonne Smith, who was standing between two of the vehicles.
Her legs were nearly severed and she remains in critical condition at Oregon Health and Science University.

bees facing mass extinction. what to do.

check out the nature program
silence of the bees for more details.
basically the bees will be extinct by 2035.
therefore all cross pollenated food will cease to be available.
in some countries they are adapting a hand-pollenating method.
this is not as effective or reliable.
nothing can replace the honeybee.
enjoy your fruit, vegetables and dairy products and steak for as long as you can.

How Can You Help The Bees While researchers probe deeper into understanding CCD, or colony collapse disorder, and beekeepers work harder to improve bee health, ordinary citizens can help the honeybee too. Go Retro -- Become a Backyard Beekeeper Over the years, our diets have increased the demand for a constant stream of all-season fruits and veggies. Such demand hasn't bypassed the bees. It's turned bee pollination into a year-round service and beekeeping into a commercial industry. Today, there are half as many beekeepers as there were two decades ago, and the remaining beekeepers are mostly large-scale pollination services with thousands of hives and millions of bees. But there was a time when beekeeping was much more of a hobby than a commercial industry. "Beekeeping is a graying hobby," says Jeff Pettis of the Dept of Agriculture. Joining the ranks of backyard beekeepers can not only infuse the dying hobby with life, it can strengthen the bee gene pool by adding healthy local bees to the mix. If you're interested in becoming a backyard beekeeper, experts recommend starting with a local beekeepers' association to learn about keeping bees alive and healthy. It's important that bees are adapted to the local climate, so you'll want to start with a local source for bees. Aside from contributing to the bee population, just two hives can pollinate an entire mid-sized residential garden. You might just find yourself with a lifelong hobby. For most people, beekeeping grows into a passion. Get Closer to Nature
Backyard gardens can offer a welcome supply of nectar and pollen for honeybeesIf you decide to pass putting on a beekeeper's suit, merely keeping a backyard bee garden is another good deed you can do for the honeybees. With rapid urban development limiting their foraging habitat, backyard gardens can offer a welcome supply of nectar and pollen for honeybees. Cultivating plants that will attract bees is the most important task of a bee gardener. Choose flowers that bloom successively over the spring, summer, and fall seasons such as coreopsis, Russian sage, or germander in order to provide pollen and nectar resources to the native bees of all seasons. If you're not sure what to choose, you can always check with a local garden center for their advice on "bee-friendly" florals. To improve bee visitation, the garden should contain large patches of like flowers planted in close proximity to one another. Diversity is a key factor in keeping bee gardens buzzing. Researchers have found that more bees will be drawn to gardens with ten or more species of attractive plants. As you diversify your garden, keep part of it wild because bees prefer that to a manicured space. Go for a "planted by nature" effect rather than a perfectly pruned garden. Remember: bees don't discriminate between weeds and cultivated flowers, so let those dandelions grow. And of course keep your bee garden free of pesticides -- a danger in any garden. Some pesticides can kill the bee before it returns to the hive; other pesticides get carried back and can harm the rest of the hive. If, after all of your hard work, you're still not seeing bees in your garden, it's not a wasted effort. Growing a pesticide-free garden is also good for you if you're growing fruits and vegetables. Robert Mandela, President of the Backyard Beekeepers Association, says, "Even if there isn't a hive of honeybees within a couple of miles of your garden, gardening brings the grower closer to nature and closer to realizing that what s/he grows is more nutritious and tasty than the 'factory-ized,' perfect, unblemished, and perhaps pesticide-covered" produce. Even if you don't have a green thumb, buying pesticide-free foods at the market also protects humans and bees from pesticide poisons. Give the Bees a Voice "Something the average person can do," says Mandela, "is to write to their senators and representatives in congress on the federal level and to do the same on the state level to support funding of honeybee research. This support has fallen off over the years." The news focus on CCD makes it an ideal time to put pressure on politicians to reinstate laws that used to prevent importing bees into the country and transporting them across state borders. Large or small, any effort you make to help bees or increase awareness is a step towards healthy bees, healthy crops, and, consequently, healthy humans.

Friday, October 26, 2007

alcoholics anonymous & the new world order

i knew it....

Aleister Crowley, illuminati, Satanist, and 33 degree level Free Mason, circa 1875-1947, founded his religion, “Thelema,” at the turn of the century. Thelema being the practiced religion of its members, Crowley also created at the turn of the century “ Fraternitatis Argenteum Astrum” which translates from Greek to English, “Fraternal Order of the Silver Star”. One of the symbols used by Crowley to identify his fraternal order is the Masonic triangle within a circle with the acronyms A.A. inscribed below it. This symbol is now known globally as the symbol of Alcoholics Anonymous.Crowley published a book in 1922 entitled Diary of a Drug Fiend. In this book Crowley presents a satanic program of recovery from drug addiction. Throughout Diary of a Drug fiend, its publication predating Alcoholics Anonymous by 17 years, there are many themes and phrases, both similar and identical that are also common in “The Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous. These themes include “abandoning free will”, “abandoning ones self”, “it’s beyond human power”, “god is beyond conception”, “Do what thou wilt”, “Do with me as thou wilt” etc. The identical ideology of these doctrines is this: free will is useless therefore hand your will over to someone or something else. Anyone who has read both Alcoholics Anonymous and Diary of a Drug Fiend can easily spot the commonality in the wording, writing style and doctrine of the two books. It is also easy to see similarity in the writing style of the short lymric style poem included in the first chapter of the Big Book, “Bill’s Story”, of Alcoholics Anonymous and the many short lymric style poems written by Crowley. See an example of the common writing style in the following poems.
Big Book; 1st Chapter; “Bills Story”:Here lies a Hampshire Grenadier Who caught his death Drinking cold small Beer.A good soldier is ne’er forgotWhether he dieth by musket Or by pot.”
Crowley’s “Epitaph” to Pearl Brooksmith written August 1933:Here lies a Pearl of womenWho lived in open sin.One end collected semen,The other guzzled gin.
The first chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous, “Bills Story”, gives insight into the darker psychological elements of the character Bill W. Note the following excerpts taken from “Bills Story”: “Judging from what I had seen in Europe and since, the power of God in human affairs was negligible, the Brotherhood of Man a grim jest. If there was a Devil, he seemed the Boss Universal, and he certainly had me.”Later in the chapter the author writes: “Simple, but not easy; a price had to be paid. It meant destruction of self-centeredness. I must turn in all things to the Father of Light who presides over us all.”“Father of Light” as used in the above paragraph is also referred to in the bible as “Lucifer”. Now see the identical ideology in the following excerpt from Diary of a Drug Fiend describing the spiritual program of the character Basil, who is identified in the book as “Satan himself”: “He wants one to be oneself, and the price of that is to abandon the false ideas that one has of oneself.”In the last page of “Bills Story” the author writes:“An alcoholic in his cups is an unlovely creature. Our struggles with them are variously strenuous, comic, and tragic. One poor chap committed suicide in my home. He could not, or would not, see our way of life.“There is, however a vast amount of fun about it all. I suppose some would be shocked at our seeming worldliness and levity. But just underneath there is deadly earnestness. Faith has to work twenty-four hours a day in and through us, or we perish.”I find it hard to imagine anyone, short of Crowley himself, finding even the minutest amount of “fun” or “levity” in the tragedy of some one committing suicide in his/her home.In Diary of a Drug Fiend, Crowley misleads the reader to believe that the means of controlling ones drug habit is thru developing ones “true will”. In reality, Crowley was well known to be an elitist, racist, fascist and he is also well known for his belief that some are “born kings” while “the slaves shall serve”. An example of Crowley’s true ideals can be seen in one of his 1941 diary entries in which Crowley observed that, in a Thelemic society, “the problem is not how to boss the herd, which is automatic, or to thwart the unworthy, who are ejected into impotence; but how to prevent emulation developing into warfare.”The rituals which Crowley conducted with his followers involved, drug use, animal sacrifice, consuming human feces, homosexual sex, drinking blood, consuming menses, physical abuse and psychological torture. Crowley even boasted of ritually sacrificing children. Crowley’s goal was to psychologically break people in order to control them.In turn, Treatment Centers utilizing the Twelve Step method of Alcoholics Anonymous aim to bring about a psychological break in the patient. This psychological break is referred to in Alcoholics Anonymous as a “complete psychological change”. The techniques used by treatment centers to cause a psychological break involve cutting off the patient from his familiar social setting (restricting contact with family and friends) and restricting access to reading material, radio and television. The patient lives in a situation of inferiority and is regularly reproached by his counselor and “group” members for using defense mechanisms (humor, self-pity, anger, etc.). The patient is bombarded with repetitive slogans and phrases. The idea is to create sufficient stress to cause a psychological collapse at which point the patient becomes susceptible to influence. The desired goal is for the patient to abandon free will and to accept the program. The most commonly known term for this form of this process of psychological restructuring is brainwashing.
Examples of this satanic, free masonic agenda can also be seen in music, art and pop culture. Heavy Metal music artist, and well-known drug and alcohol abuser, Ozzy Osbourne, has an album titled Diary of a Madman which is an obvious spin on the title of Crowley’s book, Diary of a Drug Fiend. Another one of Ozzy’s albums entitled Blizzard of Oz is an obvious spin on the popular family film The Wizard of Oz. In turn, the film The Wizard of Oz is full of occult and Masonic symbolism. The term “Oz”, as used in the film title The Wizard of Oz, is taken from Crowley’s book, Liber Oz (“Oz” is Crowley’s transcription of the Hebrew word for goat.)Another, so called, family film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory is a thinly veiled allegorical metaphor of Alcoholics Anonymous. You can easily see this in the story line. Wonka’s spy “Slugworth” is a play on the name “William D, Silkworth” credited as the author of the chapter entitled, “Doctor’s Opinion” of Alcoholics Anonymous. In turn “Willy Wonka” is a play on the name of Alcoholics Anonymous founder William Wilson, a.k.a. Bill W. The story line goes as such; the children and their parents endure a crucible of which most of them fall out of because of impulsiveness and lack of self-control. Only Charley lasts till the end of the ordeal at which point Wonka rejects him on the basis that Charley was overcome by his impulsive nature, indulging in the Fizzy soda, thus breaking the rules, therefore disqualifying himself from inheriting the Chocolate factory. Only after Charley gives back the everlasting gobstopper and his “will” to inherit the factory does Wonka grant Charley the factory. The key here is Charley gave up his “will” and was thus rewarded for so doing. This here fits right into the framework of Alcoholics Anonymous ideal that, “human will is of no use what so ever”.I find it most plausible that many government officials, politicians, musicians, artists, and elitist types know the secret of Aleister Crowley and A.A. and that no one is willing to publicly uncover this deception that has existed for the last 80 or so years.As stated in “Step Three” of the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, “human will is of no value what so ever,” this serves the Masonic/Illuminati, New World Order agenda perfectly. Another theme emphasized throughout Alcoholics Anonymous is the proclamation that the A.A. member is “powerless”. As governments and elitists endeavor to disempower citizens via corrupt banking practices, taxation, legislation, corrupt corporate influence, and censored and controlled media, a significant portion of a population will engage in the use of alcohol and drugs. To illustrate this fact, one must only look at the alcoholism epidemic of the former Soviet Union and the alcohol and drug abuse which plagues the Native American Culture. It is no mere coincidence that after the creation of the run for profit, privately owned, Federal Reserve in 1913 the Prohibition was enacted, the Stock Market collapsed, and the U.S. endured the Great Depression. This was an attempt by the elitist, illuminati banking families (Rothschild and Rockefeller) at imposing fascistic control. Also during the same period, the Federal Government imposed the Prohibition, and criminalized drugs which were previously legal to purchase and possess. In order for an oppressive government to gain control it must first regulate by legislating and criminalizing personal freedoms. It can be seen today that the problem of drug addiction in America has been made a bigger, more expensive problem than it was at the turn of the century and earlier. Today, this explains why the CIA is known to allow cocaine and heroin to hit the streets of America to this day. If America is fighting a “War on Drugs”, what side does it presume to be on? The scenario is this simple: (1). Illegalize drugs and alcohol (2). Make them readily available then, (3). Force the intentionally created criminals into a program that requires them to give up their free will. This problem – reaction – solution is a perfect example of the Dialectic Philosophy as propounded by the Bavarian Illuminati Georg Friedrich Hegel. This problem – reaction – solution or ‘Order Out of Chaos’ ideology has been the catalyst for a multitude of artificially Masonic/Illuminati created conflicts in the last century alone.As hard as it is to believe the extent people and governments will go to have absolute power, one must only look back to the 1940s for an example. It is also no real secret that the post World War 2 “Project Paper Clip”, a program designed to smuggle high ranking Nazi Officers and scientist to America, was construed because someone or group in the United States had sympathies for certain aspects of the Nazi regime. One cannot deny the fact that Hitler’s was a master at manipulating thought and controlling the masses of Germany and that some of the control techniques would be of some interest to certain power structures in the United States.So now the question must be asked, if Crowley created Alcoholics Anonymous, who is Bill W.? The answer is fairly obvious. William Wilson, or as he is better known, Bill W., is an acceptable, pseudonymic identity put to a program designed by a persona that would not be found acceptable to the masses.Crowley reportedly believed that he was the Anti-Christ as depicted in the Book of Revelations of the New Testament and noting his sadistic, perverted proclivities, one could argue that he may have well lived up to that ideal. Also believing him to be the anti-Christ, Crowley’s own mother, borne Emily Bertha Bishop, bestowed the moniker “Beast” upon her son. Later in life Crowley adopted his fraternal name “To Mega Therion” which translated from Greek means The Great Beast.The reason why Alcoholics Anonymous was written under a fictitious author is obvious. Who would ever adopt a doctrine, designed to be adhered to for life, which was created by a sadistic, sexual pervert, and self admitted murderer who believed he was the Anti-Christ? The answer is presumably far fewer people than there would be under the guise of a pseudonym.However logical the reason was to keep the true identity of the author of Alcoholics Anonymous clandestine for sake of the outwardly unsavory personality traits of Crowley, there is an even more elementary reason for this secrecy. Crowley spent his life in a struggle with addiction to heroin and cocaine. At the age of 72, Crowley died on Dec. 1, 1947, still addicted to and actively using heroin. The reader should understand that this information is not meant as an attack on persons who are members of Alcoholics Anonymous, but rather it is meant to inform those who would aspire to have as much knowledge as possible concerning the institution of Alcoholics Anonymous.
This Website is in a constant state of evolution and is committed to the pursuit of truth and freedom of thought.Your input is greatly appreciated.